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Relationship theraphy center in Dallas TX
Relationship & Couple therapy in Dallas TX
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Professional Relationship therapy center in Dallas TX

One Alkaline Life is the leading professional relationship therapy center in Dallas TX, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide evidence-based couples and marriage counseling that is safe, affordable, long-term, and accessible for anyone in Dallas, TX. We are here to draw the boundaries in your relationship so that both partners feel confident and comfortable expressing their needs, desires, and interests. We provide professional couples therapy services and workshops on communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, and more. The success of our clinic relies on each couple finding a balance between rediscovering what makes them special together and addressing why they don’t play well with others.

Our Mission

To provide affordable relationship and couple therapy in Dallas TX, and help couples with a complete and comprehensive understanding of human relationship dynamics.

Our Vision

We aim to offer the best couple therapy in Dallas TX and help our clients have a healthy and meaningful relationship that meets their personal and professional needs.

Our Services

What We Offer

One Alkaline Life offers full-service therapy for the emotional support of people struggling with depression and anxiety. Our therapists excel in their approach to skillfully treating our patients.

One Alkaline Life is a professional relationship therapy center in Dallas TX, helping people reduce stress, recover from aches, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Our service creates natural solutions for children and adults with ADHD and autism by teaching them skills from cognitive behavioral therapy in an engaging and fun way.

At One Alkaline Life, we offer the best relationship and couple therapy in Dallas TX. We help restore lost relationships and bring back failed marriages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our therapists are experienced and trained in relationship and couples therapy. Our services include solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness.
One Alkaline Life combines a variety of therapy services that help people with relationship problems and mental health. These services include individual therapy, couples counseling, and online counseling.
Our relationship and couple therapy services are designed to help people in a post-breakup environment rebuild trust. Our programs include marriage counseling, commitment coaching, and intimacy coaching.
We offer personal relationship therapy for couples and individual therapy for singles. Our fixed rates vary based on therapist availability, session length, and the number of clients you have.
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Trauma Trained

Our whole staff of therapists is trained as clinical trauma professionals. We provide several different trauma treatment techniques, such as EMDR, Somatic experience, and others.


Our counseling staff is capable of serving people from birth to death and has a wide choice of expertise to choose from. We can treat individuals, families, couples, young children, and adolescents.
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One Alkaline Life, we provide professional assistance to recognize and respond to your stress triggers. Our best stress management therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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