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Salazar Serenity Counseling LLC assists people, families, and organizations in creating inner peace and enhancing mental growth through our anti-depression, anxiety relief, and best chemical dependency counseling services in Corpus Christi Tx. We understand that each person is unique in their personality, and everyone goes through different scenarios in their daily life. So to meet each client’s particular needs, we customize our care programs for fast mental recovery and effective results.

Our team’s licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists are dedicated to assisting you with any mental issues. We have helped clients to overcome their fear of fighting traumas, assisted them in their worst depression phase, and brought them back to a healthy lifestyle. For your convenience, we provide multiple in-person therapy sessions so you can receive the necessary care that works best for you.

Our Mission

We aim to offer people, couples, families, and teenagers with professional chemical dependency counseling services in Corpus Christi TX, in the most empathetic, comfortable, and safe environment.

Our Vision

Our goal is to devise and introduce a behavioral healthcare system that can sustain, support, and ensure every patient's healing.

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To help patients experiencing psychological issues, we use various psychotherapy and mental health counseling methods and strategies.

We can address your various forms of anxiety through our psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists. We strive to help you feel better about yourself, your relationships, and your job.

Our depression counseling service is a specialized and non-invasive depression therapy that may assist you in addressing the primary reasons for your depression, learning effective self-care techniques, and figuring out how to manage your symptoms.

Our licensed professional counselors are recognized for supporting you in a variety of specializations, behavioral treatment, and anger management.

We provide reliable chemical dependency counseling services in Corpus Christi TX, and leverage strong attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills to support people in coping with their addictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A collaborative session between the client and the therapist is counseling. A qualified counselor assists the client in identifying their objectives and finding remedies for issues that upset their emotions. Enhancing the patient’s quality of life is the therapist’s main objective.

Numerous research has proven that counseling has real advantages. More than 90% of the individuals who chose to seek our chemical dependency counseling services for their mental and emotional problems reported that counseling had a beneficial impact on their lives.


Yes, everything you discuss during counseling sessions is strictly secret, and our therapists safeguard your privacy.
Many consumers frequently inquire about this. It’s difficult to respond, though. Any mental or emotional difficulty you may be experiencing can be helped through therapy, which is a process of personal growth.
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With Salazar Serenity Counseling LLC, you can be confident that you’ll get the professional chemical dependency counseling services in Corpus Christi, from our psychologists with the highest level of training.


We are extremely concerned about protecting your privacy; therefore, we will never disclose your information without your knowledge and consent.
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